About us

Dear Flat Coated Retriever fans,

My name is Ilona and I live with my husband Günter in Weyhe, a small town near Bremen. It is very rural here and thus a haven for every dog and dog lover. We live in a house with a large garden and are surrounded by meadows and fields ... .. so lets get out the door and have a look around.

We have 3 grown children who no longer live with us. Dogs have always lived in our family. Our first dog was "Jule", a female Golden Retriever. She was adorable and has given us much joy. When she passed away after 11 years with us, we were very sad and needed a little time before getting a new dog.

Soon Emma came into our family. We went to puppy classes and continued the training classes until we earned our Good Canine Citizen title. That’s how I started loving to work with dogs. Emma became a wonderful family dog, but "working" was not necessarily what she wanted – her favourite thing was to play. That’s how I started thinking of having a second dog. After all then Emma would no longer be alone. That’s how I met the Flat Coated Retriever. And the more I learnt about the breed the more I liked it.

It wasn’t long before our first Flat - Lilly - came to live with us. Now we had a "jack of all trades" and she was quickly accepted and welcomed by Emma.
Now it had arrived: the dog that wanted to work and I was challenged. We learned a lot with and from each other. Lilly gained some first and second Places in Agility tournaments and works very well at retrieving dummies…. So, how about a 3rd Dog? YES please !!

Fine became the first dog that we acquired via the German Retriever Club, the DRC. We would not do it any other way in the future because we received a lot of information about the ancestors of your dog and got valuable tips from the breeder. The contact with the breeder starts long before the litter arrives. Fine developed very well in the last 2 years and became a wonderful example of the Flat Coated Retriever, so we decided to breed her. We are preparing Fine to this experience in the best possible way. We are continuously visiting exhibitions and have her participate in different tests and competitions. We also visit lots of seminars, as they are great fun for both of us.

Our great love and enthusiasm for the breed makes us want to breed Flat Coated Retriever and we hope that many people will enjoy them as much as we do.